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The project target was to create a new generation of organocatalytic magnetic core-shell nanoparticles as a recyclable organocatalyst with a great applicative potential, by combining an inorganic magnetic core and an organic polymer coating functionalized by a catalytic moiety.

The project focused on a new and complex research field, nanosciences and nanotechnologies, situated in the actual orientation for the development of functional nanostructured materials from the molecular scale to devices for applications by controlling physical and chemical processes and methods. In order to target the project main objective magnetic core-shell nanoparticles having organocatalytic moieties covalently linked with high organocatalytic performance was prepared.

The former procedures to separate the organocatalyst from the reaction mass were: extraction, chromatography, filtration and fixation on solid support, but in the last years was developed two new modern ways for separation: magnetic tagging and ionic liquid tagging. The advantage of this magnetic organocatalyst over the classical catalysts, consist in an easy removal from reaction media due to the magnetic separation. This methodology saves resources, reduces wastes and toxic hazards and thus contributes to the sustainable development.



dec. 2014

Contract nr. 100/5.10.2011

Program name from PN II: HUMAN RESOURCES

Types of projects: Research projects to stimulate the establishment of young independent research teams - TE

Contract duration: 38 months (october 2011 - december 2014)

Contracting authority: UEFISCDI

Contractor: INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca