Project financed by UEFISCDI: PN II Program - Tinere Echipe de Cercetare

Project Type : Research Projects for Stimulating Creation of Young Research Teams

Project CodePN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-1507

Contract No.136/01.10.2015

Project Time Span: 01.10.2015 — 30.09.2017

Principal Investigator: Dr.  Mihaela Streza

Project Abstract:

The main objective of the project is to improve the performance in dental diagnosis and to show that using different types of modulation sources, schemes and complex image processing algorithms, one can construct high resolution images of defective zones of teeth.

The main investigation technique will be infrared lock-in thermography, which is a non-contact and a non-invasive tool.

In order to evaluate the adaptation between restorative materials and tooth, an automatic defect  detection methodology are going to be implemented. The method will allow the assessment of both marginal and internal micro-gaps located at the interface between tooth and filling. The progression of demineralization of enamel with time, for specimens undergoing different demineralization protocols and periods, will also be analyzed. 2D maps of the demineralized zones of dental tissue and of the restored interfaces will be obtained, highlighting the areas with defects.

The method will be validated by complementary techniques: SEM, X-ray diffraction, etc.

National Institute for Research and Development

of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies Cluj-Napoca

Development of active thermal-wave

methodologies for non-destructive

evaluation and thermophotonic imaging of teeth