Composites for efficient hydrogen storage at ambient temperatures – clean energy source for fuel cells

-  COST-H  -





          The getting of some original materials, by recentness approaches, that can hydrogen store  on bord, is the general objective of this project, in order to increase RD competition in a priority field, nominated by European Technological Platform “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells”.

            The project is centered upon the international up-to-date requirements, in accordance with goal and objectives of PNCDI-2. Promotion of clean energy technologies, environment conservancy measures and decreasing emissions with greenhouse effect, through achieving advanced materials for efficient use of (hydrogen) energy and advanced technologies for modern transportation vehicles based on fuel cells. It tackle the quite new direction for hydrogen storage materials MOF - composites.




       The main purposes of our proposal are the following:

 1. Obtaining of efficient hydrogen storage materials with parameters required for mobile applications;

 2. The extension of MOF and composites synthesis to large scale;

 3. Development of a new storage method, more efficient than liquid hydrogen storage concerning energy consumption;

 4. The build-up of the storage tank based on this method;




STAGE I   Preparation of MOF based composites with increased hydrogen adsorption capacity by spillover effect. Determination of the factors which influence hydrogen adsorption in MOF based composites.

STAGE II – The extension of MOF and composites synthesis to large scale, and build-up of an experimental storege tank. Alternative manufacturings of MOFs and MOF based composites for optimization of storage parameters.

STAGE III Synthesis of MOFs and MOFs based composites to experiment the hydrogen storage tank.

STAGE IV - Disemination of the results