Project leader

Dr. Mircea Bogdan, physicist, senior researcher  I


Team members

Dr. Ioan Turcu,             physicist,                       senior researcher I

Dr. Adrian Pirnau,       physicist,                      senioe researcher II

Dr. Silvia Neamtu,        pharmacist,                   senior researcher III

Dr. Calin G. Floare,      physicist,                       senior researcher III

Dr. Mihaela Mic,           physicist,                       senior researcher III

Tehn. Carmen Bugeac, research technician


Text Box: Bioligand – macromolecule intermolecular interactions studied by spectroscopic and calorimetric techniques  
Text Box: National  Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies Cluj-Napoca

Donat str, 67-103

Phone: 004-0264-584037  interior 181

Fax: 004-0264-420042



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