Photoinduced ultrafast dynamics in hybrid metal-ZnO nanomaterials designed for amplified fluorescence and SERS performance


Contract No. TE134/2020


Hybrid nanomaterials based on noble metal and ZnO can show new and enhanced optical properties that were not available for the single component nanoparticles, boosting the performance of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and surface enhanced fluorescence (SEF) applications. The aim of this project is to fabricate noble metal - ZnO composite nanostructures and elucidate the plasmonic effect on the absorption, scattering, and luminescence emission of the electromagnetic field by the composite nanomaterials. It is essential to understand and to be able to manipulate the optical properties of such composite nanostructures when aiming to design them for specific applications. This research project targets the performance of the hybrid nanostructures mainly as SERS and SEF plasmon enhanced nanosensors.

Core-shell metal-ZnO nanostructures

Thin films based on metal and ZnO

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