Text Box: Laser pulse shaping and characterization: measurement, 
reconstruction software and adaptive optics — Pulse-MeReAd
Text Box: National Institute for Research and Development  of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies Cluj-Napoca


Project coordinator INCDTIM

Name of equipment

Characteristics (average wear and tear - %)

IBM System iDataPlex M4 dx360

26 Nodes (total: 416 cores) of two Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge E5-2665 8-Core 2,4 GHz, DDR3 64 GB per node; Storage: 20TB GPFS; Network: FDR Infiniband with 56 Gb/s bandwidth (average wear and tear 75%)

Dell Server PowerEdge R640

2 x Intel Xeon Gold 6130 of 64 cores; 128 GB RAM (average wear and tear 80%)

Wolfram Mathematica License

Version 11.3; 1-concurrent user network licence (average wear and tear 20%)

Matlab License

Network license (average wear and tear 75%)

Dell Server PowerEdge R940

4 x Intel Xeon Gold 6142 of 64 cores; 128 GB RAM; 2 TB HDD (2021)

Partner IFIN-HH

Name of equipment

Characteristics (average wear and tear - %)

AVESTA CPA laser system

operated at 10Hz, 1mJ, 45fs, at 800nm central wavelength, including single shot autocorrelator Femtosecond Single Shot Autocorrelator Model: ASF-15M (average wear and tear - 20%)

Deformable mirror Kit

AOK5 Adaptive Optics Kit from Thorlabs with 140 actuators and wavefront sensor (average wear and tear - 20%)

HPLS CPA laser system

100 TW peak power output operated at 10Hz, 2J, 23fs, at 800nm central wavelength,  (average wear and tear – 2%), including deformable mirror and complete diagnostics bench for compressed pulses at the compressor output. Also 1PW at 1Hz and 10PW at 1 shot/minute rep rate.(average wear and tear - 2%)

E4 vacuum  Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) station

Vacuum system coupled with the HPLS laser system in E4 experimental area, having two chambers separated with gate valve and two independent pump units (average wear and tear - 2%)

Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) – measurement station in air

Including long working distance microscope with 700mm working distance to monitor the laser on optical component and remote-controlled target positioning table (average wear and tear - 10%)

INSIGHT device

From SourceLab, for measurement of spatio-temporal couplings in ultrashort pulses, on-going acquisition (average wear and tear - 0%)


Ocean Optics HR4000 Fiber coupled, (average wear and tear - 30%)