Graphene-porphyrin supramolecular assemblies for chemical and electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide-an oxidative stress marker




The aim of the present project proposal is to develop innovative research in the field of graphene-based nanomaterials as advanced and functional materials.

Additionally, the project will tackle aspects regarding the supramolecular behavior of graphene with porphyrin derivatives.

The graphene-porphyrin assemblies will be formed by two different approaches – one that involves the oxidation of graphite and its reduction in the presence of nitrogen containing molecules and the other method involves the porphyrin mediated direct liquid-phase exfoliation of graphite.

The two types of graphene-based nanomaterials are expected to present different electronic properties with direct implication on their application as chemical or electrochemical sensors of hydrogen peroxide – a known stable oxidative stress marker.

In this respect, the peroxidase-like activity of the graphene-porphyrin assemblies will be assessed by the oxidation reaction of a peroxidase substrate.

This project will also open new directions for exploring more of their possible applications.

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