Project code: PN-III-P1-1.1-TE-2021-0358
Contract nr. TE 153/2022

The major scope of this project is to develop and validate a laboratory technology for the detection of pesticides (glyphosate, cymoxanil) in fruits and vegetables samples using a new stone paper sensor based on composite material (zeolites/ graphene-Co nanoparticles) and a portable device coupled with a smartphone.

The project proposes a revolutionary, fast and ecological method of obtaining graphene with the electric field created by plasma.
The new sensor will be designed, characterized and validated by the young team.

The experimental proof of concept will be demonstrated by testing the new flexible electrodes in laboratory solutions containing pesticides to evaluate the electro-analytical characteristics: sensitivity, limit of detection and linear range.
The results obtained in real samples of fruits and vegetables will be compared with the results obtained with the chromatographic method.
The feasibility of the project is demonstrated by the excellent experience of the Project leader in the area of electrochemical sensors.

The main deliverers of the project will be: 3 ISI papers; 4 presentations at conferences; 1 laboratory technology for pesticides detection; 1 patent application.

The impact of the present project is going to be high for scientific community and for food safety, public health and quality control of life due to this smart and portable testing device for monitoring the presence of pesticides in food stuffs.

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