The project aim is to increase the analytical capacity of our laboratory in evaluating the content, level and distribution of trans fatty acid isomers (TFAs) in various samples of food consumed in Romania, by developing and validating new analytical methods accurate and reliable for identification and quantification of TFAs using analytical techniques GC-FID, GC-MS, FT-IR and Raman with corroboration of experimental data by chemometric methods, which could be transferred and applied to economic environment, targeting the food industry.

The estimated results:

  • Identification of the best method of extracting trans fatty acids from food products
  • Development of the most suitable chromatographic method for the separation, detection and identification of trans fatty acids
  • Validation of the developed methods for control purpose
  • Food classification based on chemometric tools
  • Publication of 3 ISI articles
  • 6 presentations at international conferences
  • 2 results presentation to the economical environment