The main objective of the project will be achieved through the following specific objectives:


O.1.   Obtaining, purification and physico-chemical and microbiological stabilization of the extracts from food industry residues (grape marc, white buckthorn groats etc.) and berries (aronia, mountain ash, buckthorn, wild rose, hawthorn, etc)


O.2.    Characterization of the biological value of the extracts obtained by identifying the bioactive compounds, their antioxidant capacity (HPSA method - Hydrogen Peroxyde Scavenging Activity, DPPH method).


O.3.    Development of a manufacturing technology of sweet tasting food (confectionery, yogurts, soft drinks) by substituting synthetic additives with the vegetal extracts obtained.


O.4.    Characterization of the biological value and validity of food products with plant extracts compared to control samples (food with synthetic additives)



INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca                             Dr. Maria-Loredana SORAN