One of the most complex problems in nowadays is the security and quality of the food and drinks. The most advanced methods for the determination of the food frauds and the establishing of the food and drink quality is based on the use of stable isotopes, especially on the isotope ratio mass spectrometry. The base of these methods consist in the fact that each foodstuff have a isotopic fingerprint well known by its origin, by the technological process and by the adding of different natural/synthetic additives.  The co-operation project between INCDTIM Cluj Napoca and ATOMKI Debrecen propose to use the complementary experience of the both partners in the stable isotopes field, for the development of the higher isotopic methods for the determination of the wine, honey and water quality, in the two institutes.


Motivation of the project

Application of stable isotopes in studies of food AND WATER quality  (Project No. 20CB/06.06.2007)