A. Know-how on the isotopic methods used for water, honey  and wine authentication

B. Inter-comparison of stable isotope measurements for water, ethanol from wine and honey samples

C. Papers:

        1. Magdas D.A., S. Cuna, P. Berdea, G. Balas, C. Cuna, E. Dordai,              M.C. Falub, Study of   mineral water resources from Eastern              Carpathians using stable isotopes, Rapid         Communications              in Mass Spectrometry,2009; 23:2568-2572


2. D. A. Magdas, E. Dordai, S. M. Cuna, G. Cristea, I. Futo, G. Vodila, Application of 13C EA-IRMS to detect the honey authenticity, Isotopes 2009, May 25-29, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


3. E. Dordai, D. A. Magdas, S. M. Cuna, G. Cristea, I. Futo, G. Vodila, V. Mirel, Detection of some Romanian honey types adulteration using stable isotope methodology, submitted to Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies




Application of stable isotopes in studies of food AND WATER quality  (Project No. 20CB/06.06.2007)