Text Box: Single Attosecond Pulse Generation by Femtosecond Waveforms  
Text Box: National  Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies Cluj-Napoca

Project financed by  CNCS-UEFISCDI


 PN II Program - IDEI

Project Type : Exploratory Research Project

Project code:  PN–II–ID-PCE-2012-4-0342

Grant number: 31/02.09.2013

Project duration: Sept 2, 2013— Sept 30, 2016


Project leader: Dr.  Valer Tosa


Project Abstract:

 The key process to obtain attosecond pulses is the generation of high-order harmonics (HH) during the interaction of atoms/molecules with a laser pulse. A monochromatic laser field induces this process every half optical cycle, thus, the harmonic emission is structured as a train of attosecond bursts that is a comb of odd harmonics in the spectral domain. However spectroscopic and many other applications require single attosecond pulses (SAP) to be generated.

The project will explore SAP formation in macroscopic media in a novel configuration when three or more waveforms of incommensurate frequencies are used as driving sources. A numerical model will be developed to (1) solve the wave equations for the simultaneous propagation of the waveforms in the ionizing gas (2) estimate the single dipole response of the atom to the combining fields and (3) solve the harmonic field propagation equations to calculate measurable quantities. The goals are (1) to model and explain SAP generation data which are obtained in collaborating laboratories (2) to find new field configurations able to achieve top characteristics (duration, intensity, broadband) of the attosecond bursts (3) to model and explain coherent beam combining experiments.

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