Project Summary

The X-PIC project aims at the realization of a new technological platform for the development of XUV – soft X-ray integrated photonics. This will be a „lab-on-a-chip” type instrument and serves as source for coherent XUV and soft X-ray radiation. The X-ray photonic integrated circuit (X-PIC) will operate based on high-order harmonic generation in waveguide structures which will be designed and fabricated within the project. These waveguides will be filled with noble gas, then irradiated with femtosecond IR laser pulses. Optimal pressure and beam diameter profiles will be designed in order to increase the generated high-harmonics’ flux.

There are three Work Packages:

WP1: Development of the soft-X integrated photonic platform is coordinated by INCDTIM.

The main issue to be solved here is the propagation of laser pulses in waveguides, as well as finding the optimal design of the photonic integrated circuit for the maximization of the XUV yield. In WP1 the human resource allocated is 40 man-months.

WP2: Development of the X-PIC laser driver is coordinated by Class 5 Photonics GMBH.

WP3: Test of basic integrated photonic platforms is coordinated by CNR Italy.

WP4: Project management is coordinated by Politecnico Milano.

As a total contribution, INCDTIM will allocate 60 man-months to the realization of project X-PIC, while the allocated budget is of € 350 000 for 48 months.