Rezultate și publicații


List of talks of group members (title, conference or meeting, date)

1. Invited talk: Kovacs Katalin, Tosa Valer: Space-time coupling in high-harmonic generation – two case studies, 2nd Annual Workshop of COST Action Attosecond Chemistry, 13-15.102021

2. Invited talk: Kovacs Katalin, Tosa Valer: Macroscopic modeling of attosecond pulse generation, ATTOCHEM Workgroup meeting

3. Oral presentation: Bende Attila: Low-lying electronic excited states of dopamine, PIM 2021 22-24.09. Cluj-Napoca

4. Poster: Kovacs Katalin: Three ways to choose between two attosecond pulses, PIM 2021 22-24.09. Cluj-Napoca

5. Poster: Tosa Valer: Numerical model for femtosecond pulse propagation in hollow core fibers, PIM 2021 22-24.09. Cluj-Napoca

6. Poster: Toth Istvan: Reconstruction of ultrashort laser pulses by convolutional neural networks, PIM 2021 22-24.09. Cluj-Napoca

7. Poster: Tosa Valer: Modeling femtosecond pulse propagation and high harmonics generation in hollow core fibers, EOS Annual Meeting, 13-17.09.2021 Rome, Italy