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Pyrometric detectors array for microwave power treatments

Project director: dr. ing. Vasile Surducan 

Mentor: dr. fiz. Dadarlat Dorin









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Project objectives:

The main goal of this project is the implementation of a pyroelectric detector array, for a prototype hyperthermia/diathermy apparatus designed and manufactured during the PhD thesis of this project proposal director. This goal will be reached in three passes: documentation, design plus experimental implementation and finally, testing of the resulted concept and the experimental setup.

Research Phases:

Phase I Documentation on the radiometric methods used in microwave thermal treatments focusing on microwave and pyroelectric radiometry

Research report

Phase II Implementing a radiometer device for temperature measurement in power microwave field

Research report

Modules designed and developed during the research time:

I2C isolator

Microwave applicator with

16 pcs thermopile array

USB to I2C converter

Phase III Testing the solutions

Research report



Experimental setup for applicator tests:

1- custom microwave generator (2.45GHz 10-300W),

2-thermostatic bath, 3-fiber optic thermometer,

4-applicator with embedded thermopiles array

5-agar-agar gel, 6-Acer Aspire E311 laptop

Microwave applicator prototype with

embedded thermopile array, front view


Expected results:

Phase I: Determining the optimal type of radiometer to measure the temperature of a relatively large surface sample, heated by microwave power irradiation field.

Expected dissemination: research report, web site, publishing an ISI article or participation to an international conference with ISI proceeding.


Phase II: Project for producing a thermopile sensor array embedded into a microwave slot applicator

Expected dissemination: research report, web site update, participation to an international conference, patent pending request.


Phase III: Laboratory tests using the experimental prototype of the microwave applicator with embedded thermopile array.

Expected dissemination: research report, web site update, publishing an ISI article


Results & publications:

Phase I 

  • Surducan V., Surducan E., Neamtu C., Dadarlat D., Ciupa R., "Easily Usable Human-Device Interface for Microwave Therapy Apparatus", International Journal of Practical Electronics, 1(1), pp.01-07, 2013, DOI: 10.14419/ijpe.v1i1.730  International Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol4, nr.1, 2015,  DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v4i1.4159  Note: International Journal of Practical Electronics merged with International Journal of Engineering and Technology in 2015

  • Surducan V., Surducan E., Dadarlat D., "Low cost method for temperature measurements on a multilayer system heated by microwave power field", Meas. Sci. Technol. 2014, 25 015011, DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.1088/0957-0233/25/1/015011

  • Surducan V., Surducan E., Dadarlat D.,"Simple Method for Highlighting the Temperature Distribution into a Liquid Sample Heated by Microwave Power Field, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1565, 167-170 (2013), DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4833720

  • Surducan V., Surducan E., Limare A., "Bloc de stabilizare si control destinat alimentarii curentului de filament al magnetroanelor" (Stabilization and control block for the current filament supply of the magnetrons), Patent pending A00573/31.07.2013, OSIM Bucharest, Romania.

Phase II

  • Surducan V., Surducan E., 2.5GHz Slot Antenna Array –Prototype Applicator for Heating Applications, International Conference on Information Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering (ISEEE 2014), April 26-28, 2014, Sapporo City, Japan.

  • Surducan V., Surducan E., Dadarlat N., "Aplicator de microunde cu arie de detectori integrata pentru masurarea temperaturii" (Microwave applicator with embedded detectors array for temperature measurements" Patent pending A00774, 17 October 2014, OSIM Bucharest, Romania

Phase III

  • Surducan V., Surducan E., Dadarlat D., Improving the performance of TMP006 thermopile”,  Processes in Isotopes and Molecules, section T3-26, Applied Research and Green Technologies,  Cluj-Napoca 23-25 September, 2015, http://pim.itim-cj.ro/Book%20of%20Abstract%20PIM%202015.pdf

  • Dadarlat D, C. Tudoran and V.Surducan Detection of phase transitions by using contact photothermal technique”,  Processes in Isotopes and Molecules, section T3-8, Applied Research and Green Technologies,  Cluj-Napoca 23-25 September, 2015, http://pim.itim-cj.ro/Book%20of%20Abstract%20PIM%202015.pdf

  • D. Dadarlat, C. Tudoran, E.Guilmeau, V.Surducan, „Photothermoelectric (PTE) versus photopiroelectric (PPE) detection of phase transitions” International Journal of Thermophysics, Springer, IJOT-D15-00262, 2015, under review.

  •  C.Balint, V.Surducan, E.Surducan, I.Oroian, „Plant irradiation device in microwave field with controlled environment”, Computers and electronics in agriculture, Elsevier, COMPAG-S-15-00603-2, 2015, under review



Contact: INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, Donath 67-103, phone:0264-584037, int.217/218, email: vasile.surducan@itim-cj.ro