Boosting the energy storage performance of supercapacitor materials by controlling the paramagnetic centers

About project

Beneficiary: National Institute for Researrch and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies

Project Code: CF 163/15.11.22 /

Contract no.: 760097/23.05.23

Competition: PNRRR/2022/C9/MCID/I 8

Director/Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Emre Erdem

Project budget: 7.000.000 lei

Project period: 01.07.2023 – 30.06.2026

Abstract: Supercapacitors (SCs) are known as promising energy storage devices. Electrodes are key components in producing SCs, and the strategies for selecting the right electrodes play a decisive role in their specific power and energy storage performance; thus, an ideal electrode material should have tuning properties in terms of size, shape, defects, porosity, high charge mobility and interface phenomena.

The project’s general objective is to develop new nanocomposites based on 2D-carbon structures and metal oxide or metal sulfide semiconductors by controlling and adjusting their shape, defects, interface phenomena, and electric properties as materials for all-solid-state SCs. The target of the newly developed SCs devices is to function at voltages higher than 3 V.


Specific objectives

O1. Develop new composite materials based on 2D-carbon structures and metal oxide (MOx, M=Zn, Sn) or metal sulfide (MSx, M=Zn, Mo) semiconductors with tailored functional properties.

O2. Advanced characterisation of defect structure from the surface and interface of the electrodes via spectroscopic techniques and their influence on the nanocomposites’ optic and electrical properties.

O3. Fabrication of SC electrodes in all-solid-state configuration via 2D-carbon structure/ MOx (MSx) for enhanced energy storage.

O4. Develop enhanced PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) and polyaniline (PANI) membranes with enhanced electrical properties and integration into SC devices to obtain operating voltages higher than 3V.

O5. Opening new research domains, creating new jobs in R&D activities, and attracting young researchers. The proposed project will open a new research direction, which was not explored until now in any Romanian research facilities, which will considerably improve the scientific visibility and quality of the host institute (INCDTIM) and the Romanian scientific community.

Implementation Team

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emre Erdem

Project leader

Dr. Árpád Mihai Rostás

Dr. Maria Ștefan

Dr. Dana Toloman

Dr. Adriana Popa

Eng. Sergiu Macavei

Dr. Cristian Leoștean

Dr. Ovidiu Pană

Dr. Diana Lazăr

Dr. Lucian Barbu

Maria Groza

Ec. Ioana Cătană

Ec. Raluca Mocan-Todea

Eng. Izabella Szabó

Eng. Radu Pop

Post Doc - 2 Vacant position

PhD. - 2 Vacant position


ISI Article

T. Altaf, A. M. Rostas, A. Popa, D. Toloman, M. Ștefan, N. Demirci Sankir, M. Sankir, Recent Advances in Photochargeable Integrated and All-in-One Supercapacitor Devices, ACS Omega 2023

International Conference

E Erdem, Identification of point defects via EPR spectroscopy and elucidating their roles in supercapacitor devices, 14th International Conference Process in Isotopes and Molecules, 19-22 september 2023, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies – INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca

67-103 Donat Street, P.O. Box 700,
RO-400293 Cluj-Napoca 5, Romania

+40 264 584037

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