• New scientific paper entitled “Silver film over nanospheres (AgFoN) as tri-modal plasmonic sensing platform for Surface Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy, Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering, and Surface-Enhanced Fluorescence”, authored by Cosmin Farcau has been published in Journal of Molecular Structure. The paper can be accessed here

  • July 1st 2021: Welcome PhD. Narcisa Nechita! 
  • May 1st 2021 – The POLSENS partners are writing together a review paper that aims to critically assess the state-of-the-art of dual-mode EC-SERS sensors. 
  • March 24th 2021 – consortium online meeting for discussing the plans for realizing the microfluidic SERS-EC cell.
  • Consortium bi-weekly online meetings take place
  • 1st peer-reviewed research paper was published in Nanomaterials. The paper “Strategies for SERS detection of organochlorine pesticides”, authors R. Moldova, B-C. Iacob, C. Farcau, E. Bodoki, R. Oprean, can be found here (

  • February 20th 2021: The INCDTIM team grew bigger – Welcome PhD. Cuibus Denisa! 


  • January 25th 2021: The INCDTIM team is expanding – a new colleague joined our team after she succssefully passed the job interview. Welcome PhD. Ioana Andreea Brezestean!
  •  The kick-off meeting took place online, on the September 24th 2020. Each partner presented their institution, recent results, and the research activities that they will perform within the POLSENS grant


    Here is the link to the POLSENS project on the SINTEF website.