About project

General objective:

To elaborate, together with our South-African partner, inclusion complex preparation procedures and techniques, and finally to bring into operational stage a group of spectroscopic and molecular modelling methods, in order to investigate the structure, physico-chemical properties and the supramolecular architectures of these compounds in the liquid and solid states.



The Romanian partners will investigate the complexation process both in solution using NMR techniques, UV/VIS, fluorescence, FTIR spectrophotometry, and isothermal titration calorimetry, as well as in the gas phase by quantum mechanical modelling techniques. The South African partners will attempt to prepare solid CD inclusion complexes and characterise them by a variety of physicochemical techniques (PXRD powder X-ray diffraction, single crystal X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetry, differential scanning calorimetry, solid state NMR). Combined use of these techniques will lead to a comprehensive profile of the complexes in question and will enable the general objective above to be fulfilled.


Mode of co-operation

All information emanating from the project will be shared by the respective partners. Opportunities for sharing information will include e-mail communication as well as staff and research student exchange, during which both management/planning as well as laboratory work will be undertaken. At regular intervals, the principal investigators will take decisions relating to the suitability of publication of research results as well as the forum for such presentation. Responsibilities for preparing research output and the question of co-authorship will also be by mutual agreement of the principal investigators. Workshops for more in-depth discussion and brainstorming are envisaged as effective complementary activities to the above modes of co-operation.

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